My Sewing Space

My sewing corner.

Up till early July 2014, I didn’t have much of a dedicated sewing space. I had piled up all my sewing tools and machines upon a small dining table that used to serve as a study desk. I did most of my pattern cutting on the floor, which gave me backaches after a few hours, as you can imagine. In early July 2014, my mother bought me a new bed that meant a lot of my storage areas in my room had to be re-organised. I took the opportunity to buy some new furniture from Ikea – a Linnmon/Adils table combination, a Norden Gateleg folding table and a new wardrobe – that freed up some floor area in my room and also offered storage space for my non-sewing things. The result was, you guessed it, just enough space to set up a little sewing corner in my room.

The Linnmon/Adils table combination now supports my sewing machine and serger. I had to buy three pairs of table legs instead of the usual two as the table started to sag noticeably about a week after I had everything set up. The Norden Gateleg folding table is a dream sewing table even though it was meant as a dining table. The two “wings” of the table fold up and down like an upside-down butterfly to create a flat surface for cutting both big and small fabric projects.

Drawers at the side of the Gateleg table hold my sewing notions.

Environment has a big influence on the creative process. I am surprised how much faster I sew with my new sewing set-up and how I had managed without a dedicated sewing space all these years. The whole set-up cost me about S$260, with the bulk of it being the cost of the Gateleg. I would totally recommend beginner sewists getting at least the foldable table if you intend to be sewing for many years to come. If there’s anything I learnt from from nursing school, you gotta save your back!


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