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Chiffon Shirt Dress: An update

And after two years, an update! No, I have not abandoned this blog, neither have I stopped sewing.

I just had to take a really long hiatus due to some major transitions at work.

Unfortunately, some of my sewing projects did not survive the long break and had to be abandoned. In particular, the Chiffon Shirt Dress suffered a mishap during serging in the form of a giant hole cut right through the centre of the pattern. My attempts at salvaging it through some creative stitching did not manage to conceal the damage.

2014-09-29 10.11.54_zpsoikizslg
Failed attempt at sewing up a giant hole I had accidentally serged though the middle of the fabric.

Hence the decision to pull the plug on this project. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I *have* completed other projects in the two years I was away, so look forward to a completed project in the next post.