About The Bedroom Atelier

 The Bedroom Atelier: Behind the name

Welcome readers!

I am Nadiah and this is my first post on The Bedroom Atelier. I would like to explain more on how I came up with the name and what it means to me.

Sewing has been one of my interests since I was a child but I did not indulge in it as hobby until about two years ago when I started sewing lessons from a dressmaking school.

Prior to taking formal lessons I had observed my mother, who made traditional Malay clothing, working on fabric. Naturally, as children imitate their parents, I started tinkering on her long-suffering sewing machines and sergers and made anything from pouches, fabric bags to cushion covers and other small fabric crafts.

Then suddenly around the time when I started secondary school (Grade 7? I am not familiar with non-British school systems) I entered a phase of obsession with Japanese culture namely anime and manga which introduced me to the world of traditional Japanese clothing, the kimono. I was drawn to the simplicity of kimono, which are constructed from plain rectangles with minimal cutting and wastage of fabric, yet can worn for a whole range of human activities from the mundane to the ceremonial. For a long while, my main interest outside of school was hoarding, wearing and renting kimono. My sewing activities during my kimono years were largely restricted to making yukata, the least formal type of kimono, which were worn to casual summer parties in Japan, and in countries with a large following of the anime and manga subculture.

As I grew older and started work (in an industry unrelated to sewing) my obsession with kimono started to wane but I still appreciated the history, craftsmanship, and philosophy behind articles of clothing. I began dressmaking lessons with a local sewing school and started making clothes as a serious hobby. I posted a lot of my work on Facebook but recently decided to move them to a dedicated blog.

One day I hope that the quality of the clothing I make is similar to those produced in the ateliers (workshops) of the houses of high fashion in Europe and beyond. But for now, my sewing space is just a corner of my bedroom where my trusty machines and sewing tools take pride of place.

Hence the Bedroom Atelier. This blog will be used to publish photos of my works-in-progress, thoughts about sewing, and hopefully sharing some tips and tricks to make sewing easier, neater, and less frustrating.


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