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Ang Pao Clutch Pattern


This weekend I took a break from sewing clothes to put together a tutorial for the clutch/fabric envelope you see in the picture above.

It is meant to be a holder for money packets (Ang Pao) which are given out during the Chinese New Year celebration, which takes place next week. Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, is celebrated in many Asian countries that follow the lunisolar Chinese calendar. Traditionally, it also signifies the start of spring and thus is also known as the Spring Festival.

I was swept away by the holiday mood with all the Qi Pao (a Chinese traditional costume) that were posted by fellow members of a local Facebook sewing community which I was part of. Being a little too unmotivated and out of shape to sew a Qi Pao for myself, I decided to draw up a little pattern for a Qi Pao-inspired fabric clutch instead.

Disclaimer: I’m a noob at digital patternmaking. This is my first attempt at making patterns using Adobe Illustrator. So use it at your own risk! LOL.

You can find an A4 printable PDF of the pattern here: ang-pao-pouch-final. In order to get the correct dimensions for the pouch, please print at 110% scale. It is also advisable to print in colour as I have marked the notches with different colours, which will be referred to in the tutorial instructions. If printing in black and white, do indicate the colours of the notches on your pattern, e.g. with coloured pens or pencils.

Tutorial for this will be in the upcoming post, so sit tight!

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