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Princess Cut Dress

After yesterday’s dreary comeback post, it’s time for something more upbeat with a report on a COMPLETED project.

Here is the illustration:

jubah copy

Another long dress, but this time with a princess-cut bodice. The pattern drafting is just a simple conversion from standard bodice darts to princess seams. The skirt was extended for length and flare. Bodice and skirt pattern was split at the waist and used to cut the respective fabrics.

Dress back pattern
Dress front pattern.

Here are the bodice pattern pieces:


The bodice and the skirt are made from different fabrics. The bodice is a printed polyester with a nice, soft hand while the skirt fabric is rayon. Both have a similar drape, but the rayon is a little heavier.

Here is the Princess Cut Dress, complete! I wore it to a friend’s wedding lunch. The grey rayon drapes beautifully, but wrinkles easily :(. I didn’t do anything special with the sleeves, just finished them with elastic cuffs for simplicity.


This was the last dress that I made in a while using western-style pattern drafting. The next projects posts will be mostly traditional Malay dresses. Stay tuned!


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