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Fancy Pants: 80% complete

After the last post on lazy sewing I guess the time is right to get back to full-on, draft-it-yourself, patterning from scratch. With the help of a friendly sewing teacher of course!

My last module in my sewing course involves sewing a pair of pants. Here is my pants sloper. Or ‘basic block’, depending on which side of the globe you happen to live in, or which sewing philosophy suits your fancy. Definitely one of the more difficult slopers that I have drawn so far.

Some of the body measurements and drafting instructions are in Malay, my mother tongue. Because that’s how we roll in my sewing class.

I made a pair of straight-cut pants from a seafoam green duck cotton fabric which was on sale in Spotlight. No pictures of the actual cutting I’m afraid, that’s how excited I was to get down to sewing.

2014-09-12 09.57.01_zpsba5xj44l
Fancy Pants. At this point it does not look too different from my Lazy Pants in my last post.
2014-09-12 09.57.31_zpszyjojkgc
But it has a front fly opening! That should level up the fancy by a few degrees, right?
2014-09-12 09.58.10_zpssbdmjdqn
And it has in-seam pockets. I like this style of pockets, but they were a poor choice here because the pockets tend to gape open due to the hip curve.

I’ve yet to sew the waistband on this pair, that will be a whole other lesson. But they will include belt loops. Not that I need a belt with this pair, because they are quite snug in the waist and hips. That’s what you get for using your measurements from a year ago.

In other news, I have completed my French Dart Jacket.

Only a dress form display today. I hope to find a day to wear it and post ‘in-action’ photos.

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