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Works-in-Progress: French Dart Jacket

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to help me keep track of all the sewing projects that I plan to start on, am currently working on, have completed, or have abandoned. We all need to know when to pull the plug on certain projects are just not going to make it.

Of course, it would be wonderful to know what others in the online sewing community think about the project, and hopefully give some feedback on how they can be done better and in the case of abandoned projects, how they can be saved.

Here’s a snippet on what has been lying around on my sewing table recently:

French Dart Jacket – 60% complete

My preliminary drawing.

This jacket is one of the projects I have to complete as part of my regular sewing lessons at the sewing school I attend. This is ver. 2.0, as the first one got badly burnt when I was ironing the welt pockets on front and could not be salvaged. Well, it was my first jacket project and I was very depressed that I had burnt a hole right through the front, so my mother decided to gift me some Thai silk in a creamy nude colour to cheer me up. Thanks Mama!

The jacket is lined in a cotton voile. Probably not the best choice as the fabric is transparent and thus the pocket and some seam allowances can be seen through the lining. However, it was the most similar to the Thai silk in terms of weight and structure, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Cotton voile lining.

I can’t wait to go back to sewing lessons again after the Eid-Ul-Fitri holiday and complete this project! Right now I need some directions on how to make the vent in the centre back of jacket and have to wait for my teacher.

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